Transmission projects

This section contains our Project Tracker for substations, power lines, interconnections and other transmission projects.

Kafr el-Sheikh substation 16-10-2017 Seket Reweina Road, Kafr El-Sheikh governorate
Minya substation 16-10-2017 Beni Mazar, Minya
Nile Delta 500kV transmission line 17-10-2017 Nile Delta area
North Hurghada substation 16-10-2017 North Hurghada, Red Sea governorate
North Hurghada/el-Qusair transmission line 17-10-2017 Hurghada, Red Sea governorate
Saudi-Egypt interconnection 17-10-2017 Red Sea
Sharkia 220kV substation 16-10-2017 Sharkia governorate
Sonker substation 16-10-2017 Ain Sokna port, Gulf of Suez
South Tanta substation 16-10-2017 South Tanta, Gharbia governorate
Tami Elamdid substation 01-11-2017 Mansoura

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